Server Configuration

To configure a remote server (e.g. when using the Enterprise solution), you must provide connection parameters through the Red Sky Ops configuration.

Connection Details

To connect to a remote server, you must provide an API endpoint to connect to the remote server:

$ redskyctl config set address

Additionally, you may need to specify OAuth2 credentials:

$ redskyctl config set oauth2.client_id XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Applying Configuration

To apply the Red Sky Ops configuration to the current cluster, first view your existing configuration to verify it is correct:

$ redskyctl config

This will display the contents of your ~/.redsky file plus any default values or environment variables that have been set.

Your configuration is applied (either created or updated) to the cluster through the redskyctl init command: if your configuration was valid when you last ran init there is no need to re-apply your configuration.

Once you have verified the configuration, you can apply it to the cluster:

$ redskyctl init

Alternately, you can store your configuration in client-config secret of the redsky-system namespace. You can also view this secret to verify the effective configuration values.