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Introduction to Red Sky Ops

Red Sky Ops is a tool for experimenting with application configurations in Kubernetes. With Red Sky Ops installed on your cluster, you can run experiments that patch cluster state and measure the outcome via one or more metrics.

When used with a Red Sky Ops API server, the Red Sky Ops Manager tunes your Kubernetes applications automatically. Without the enterprise server, redskyctl and the Red Sky Ops Manager can be used to manually experiment on your cluster, or integrated into existing automation workflows.

Although Red Sky Ops was developed to tune performance, it can run non-performance-related experiments on your application as well. This documentation describes the concepts and capabilities of Red Sky Ops generically, and typically includes performance-related examples for relevant concepts.

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Motivation: Managing Resources in Kubernetes

This page borrows concepts and terminology from the Kubernetes Concepts documentation.

Kubernetes has several built-in mechanisms for managing container compute resources. To begin, Pods may specify CPU and memory requests and limits for each of their containers.

Once containers have these limits set, Kubernetes can leverage them in several ways:

While powerful, these tools are missing some aspects of resources untuned:

Red Sky Ops was developed to address these shortcomings. It supports flexibly parameterizing application manifests; running trials with specific values filled into those manifests; taking measurements to determine the efficacy of trials; and grouping those trials into overarching experiments.