You are now authenticated!

The authentication flow has completed successfully. You may close this window or continue to read about what comes next.

Now What?

You have just authenticated your workstation. Authenticating allows you to query Red Sky Ops cloud services. You can also authorize your Kubernetes cluster to leverage the intelligence of the Red Sky Ops platform to help you optimize your application configuration.

By logging in on your workstation, you have cached a copy of your credentials locally so that the redskyctl tool can communicate with the Red Sky API. However, you must still authorize the Red Sky Controller to allow communication from within your cluster.

If you have not yet installed Red Sky Ops, then authorization will happen automatically when you install. Please refer to the installation guide for more details on how to install the Red Sky Controller in your cluster.

If you have already installed Red Sky Ops, you can now use redskyctl authorize-cluster to update your deployment with the credentials necessary to communicate with the Red Sky API.

Running Experiments

Once you have authorized your cluster, creating an experiment in your cluster will start running trials automatically. If you do not have an experiment to run, check out the Red Sky Recipes repository for some interesting starting points.